Mother's Day Gift Guide

Twelve months isn't long when you think of it in terms of anniversaries, birthdays or any annual celebration for that matter. This is what makes the gift aspect of it a little tricky - it only feels like yesterday that you had to buy something for that certain someone and it can get a bit stressful when you've run out of ideas.

So here's some inspiration to help! These are our top 5 Mother's Day gift ideas. Order them today and take the stress out of your gift-purchasing this year:

  1. Nothing expresses appreciation like a personal item - something that the receiver can really use just for themselves. One of our beautiful French linen tote bags is just the ticket. Coming in a range of different stripe colours, it really is the perfect accompaniment for any outing, whether it's a day at the beach, a farmers' market, or some much-needed retail therapy.
  2. For a pretty and practical gift that everyone can benefit from, our gorgeous stoneware tumblers are ideal. Perfect for hot drinks or cold, they'll gratify more than just the receiver, and they'll get a lot of use.
  3. If you're buying for a green thumb, our hand carved vase is sure to be a hit. My grandmother would definitely agree with me when I say that everyone needs at least one good quality vase to display the next haul from your garden - and this one is a showstopper: definitely sure to please.
  4. Our exquisite table runners are next on the list. Absolutely perfect if the lovely lady you're buying for has a flare for decorating. They're a delightful way of dressing up almost any surface in the house. Think dining table, hall table, coffee table, dresser, buffet, hutch...
  5. And last but certainly not least, who doesn't like updating their cushions every now and again? Choose from one of our gorgeous Australian made selections and really give a unique and special Mother's Day gift this year.

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