Go With What You Like

by Alice Erbacher

We all have our own personal tastes when it comes to our homes, but have you ever been asked: what's your favourite style? Coastal or cottage? Eclectic or one particular theme? Hamptons or industrial?
It's very easy these days to lose oneself in magazines, Facebook, Pinterest or Houzz for ideas on how to get the perfect Insta-worthy home. But let's be honest, while these homes certainly are beautiful, they're not overly realistic or attainable for the vast majority of people (especially if you have really young children!); and sooner or later if we adopt all the various styles and continue to follow the latest trends, it won't be long until we're feeling the urge to refresh everything, as these trends are constantly changing.
So what's the solution? Simply go with what you like.
I tend to use a bit of everything, but labeling your taste can limit your imagination, and as the years go by you'll find your tastes change: what you like now is slightly different to what you liked ten years ago.
At the end of the day, whether our home is just for ourselves or for a bustling hive of people we love, our aim is to provide a warm, clean and comfortable home; and no matter what that looks like, it's the relationships in that home that matter the most. Everything else is secondary.
Happy home-making! ♥

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