Decorating for Free

Decorating your home shouldn't cost the world. In fact, it doesn't have to cost you anything if you don't want it too.

Here are our top 10 tips for not spending a dime:

1. Rearrange the furniture. This might sound pretty simple but you know what they say: "A change is as good as a holiday." And sometimes shifting the furniture is enough to breathe new life into any room in the house.

2. Repurpose old jars and glass bottles and use them as vases or for candles. They can make a gorgeous addition to any room when they're placed together in a group of various sizes.

3. Fruit isn't just for eating - it's a great accessory too! Put some apples, oranges or lemons in a bowl (the brighter the fruit the better) and put them in the center of your dining table or on your hutch/buffet.

4. Check your local buy and sell groups for free furniture. It's surprising how often people are giving things away, and you can sometimes come across beautiful pieces.

5. Bring one of your potted plants inside. Indoor plants not only add a great ambience to your room, there are plenty of varieties that are amazing at filtering indoor air.

6. If you have a stash of paint lying around that you're no longer needing, use it to give your dated coffee table, a couple of chairs, or perhaps your bedhead a new lease on life.

7. Head out to the garden and take some flower clippings (or even some foliage from a tree if you're not really a green thumb) and put them in a vase. It's amazing how much a little bit of greenery can create a homey atmosphere.

8. If you're looking to change something in the kitchen, remove several of the cupboard doors and this will instantly create some open shelves that you can use to display a few items.

9. Some of us have a few favourite plates that may be heirlooms, or maybe they're just our favourites! Why not create a little plate display on the wall?

10. And finally, if your walls are needing a lift, you can jump on the internet and print off some of your favourite public domain images. You can opt to frame them first or you can simply hang them wherever you'd like.



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