A Healthy Habit

by Alice Erbacher

They say the most important meal of the day is breakfast, and while that may be true, dinner deserves a little bit more of an acknowledgment as well - but for slightly different reasons.

The dinner table is the place everyone returns to at the end of the day, the place where everyone can switch off from the outside world. It's a place to reconnect with each other, rest and refresh tired bodies, and rejuvenate weary minds. It's a place where after a difficult day, light-hearted conversation can be likened to a sudden, pleasant change in the weather; where experiences are shared, and problems are discussed. It's a place where we can nurture the relationships with those we're closest too. When we invite someone over, it's always to eat - eating is such a communal and essential part of our lives: we bond over food. This is something that every culture holds in common.

For those with little children, dinner time can sometimes be anything but calm. There are certainly times and seasons in life when young ones need to eat first so that parents can enjoy their own meal in some sort of quiet environment; but as the children grow older, it's important we instill in them the importance of the evening meal. Where technology is turned off and attention is turned on to those around us.

There are of course, situations where bringing everyone together is nearly impossible because of situations beyond our control. For the most part however, we really need to make the effort to carve out some time, no matter how busy our day is, to sit down and enjoy an evening meal with our loves ones - it's good for the health. ♥  

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  • Family dinner is my favourite time of the day :)


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